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JB Vinyl Flooring

Selling JB Vinyl Floors at Cheap Prices

JB Vinyl Flooring is one of the Vinyl Tile that is suitable for Hotel Floors, Apartment Floors, Office Floors, Cafe Floors and more. Besides that, it is also suitable for school buildings, fitness centers, offices, recreation areas, hospitals, shopping centers, places of worship, residences, factories, showrooms & exhibition. JB Vinyl Flooring has a very strong surface so it is resistant to high traffic and friction. JB Vinyl Resistant to Fire because it has a coating that is resistant to fire. Vinyl surface will only become warm even though it is heated directly with fire. Even coals on lit cigarettes will not cause any trace at all when in direct contact with JB Vinyl. JB Vinyl flooring has a wide selection of motifs and colors. The colors and motifs of JB Vinyl are colors that follow the latest trends and are most in demand by the public.

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